Problems we solve

Bloated processes

Boring products or services

Disjointed strategies

Lack of funding to grow

Need for data and research

Our Clients

We specialize in helping businesses focus on the right things that will help their business grow.

Whether that is assisting with strategic planning, obtaining financing, Marketing and more.

Our clients come from a variety of industries including banks, credit unions, fintech, healthcare, technology, and range in size from startups to Fortune 30 tech giants.

Success through focused strategic planning, daring to be innovative and executing on a few key priorities

Whether you are an entrepreneur running your own business or an executive managing someone else's company, committing the time to high-level strategic planning is critical to the success of your organization.When that happens, especially in a company, key people get taken away from what they do best. Instead of focusing on the reason they started a business in the first place, whatever that key skill was, they are now full-time in capital management mode.

Unfortunately, the saying "can't see the forest for the trees" is an accurate one. In order to grow, businesses must focus on high-level strategic planning rather than "the weeds". 

We know because we have been in your shoes. Our team includes entrepreneurs and corporate executives that have built successful companies in a variety of industries. Each of us has learned the hard way how business works. But we learned from our mistakes and we can help you avoid those mistakes.

When you work with the team at Harold Louis you are getting a group of seasoned professionals who understand the challenges of growing a business in challenging times. 

So, how can we help your company grow?

Schedule some time with our team to see how we might add value to your company.

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